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Production Chemicals suppliers Product description The H2S Scavenger Oil Based is a special chemical additive or fuel additive widely used in hydrocarbon and chemical processing facilities. These special chemicals selectively react with hydrogen and remove H2S to help meet product and process specifications. This product can be used in crude oil, fuel and other refined oil products stored in storage tanks, tankers, railroad cars and pipelines. The product is a modified product of fatty acid glycerides. Owning to its good miscibility with crude oil, the product is able to remove high concentration of hydrogen sulfide and low molecular mercaptan in crude oil which make the oil transported safely. The product is a viscous liquid, brown or yellow in color, soluble in oil. The effective content of this product is greater than or equal to 90%, which means that the concentration is high, so it can better remove sulfide and H2S. Instructions 1. The H2S Scavenger Oil Based has high concentration and good effect, so it can perfectly remove H2S and low molecular mercaptans from crude oil. 2. This product can be added to systems containing hydrogen sulfide. Technical indicators DescriptionIndex Appearancebrown liquid or brown-black viscous liquid Effective content %鈮?0 Solubilityoil soluble Packaging and Storage 1. Packed in 200kg plastic barrels, or according to user requirements. 2. Store in a cool and ventilated place, the shelf life is 6 months.Production Chemicals suppliers website:http://www.dayong-chemical.com/production-chemicals/
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