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Triggers in supplied examples - burque505 - 04-24-2020


Might I suggest setting the trigger in the supplied examples to "No trigger" initially, with perhaps an explanation?
My reasoning is that when unwary users like yours truly Smile run an example without reading any documentation Blush , the error messages resulting from the preset triggers (although not affecting functionality) are disconcerting.

Thanks very much for RoboIntern, by the way! This appears very promising indeed.


RE: Triggers in supplied examples - RoboIntern - 04-25-2020

Hi Burque505,

Thanks for highlighting this and the good words! Smile Actually most should work unless you don't have MS Office or if you used 64bit RoboIntern with Office 32bit is installed on your computer (or the other way around). I'll double check this when I have more time - I've recently started looking into the option to run RoboIntern as a service, which needs quite substantial internal changes Smile

Take care,