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Exclude words from wildcard ?
Hi again -

So I need to achieve the following:

EG A podcast file comes in with the file name:  How to grow a marrow.mp3

Task 1 - Make a copy of it in an archive folder.
Task 2 - Change name of the How to grow a marrow.mp3 to VEGPOD.mp3
Task 3 - Have the new VEGPOD.mp3 replace/overwrite the old VEGPOD.mp3

Situation is a main folder called Vegpod where the podcast software downloads the new shows.
In it a folder called Archive containing all the old shows.
A file called VEGPOD.mp3 which is always the latest edition of the show.

When the next edition of the show comes through, called say  Tasty tomatoes.mp3, it downloads to the Vegpod folder and sits there with the Archive folder and the (now) older VEGPOD.mp3. When the file renaming task runs eg

File path     C:\Users\Radio\Music\Podcasts\Vegpod\*.mp3
New name  C:\Users\Radio\Music\Podcasts\Vegpod\VEGPOD.mp3

... it picks up both Tasty tomatoes.mp3 and VEGPOD.mp3 and therefore fails. I need it to rename Tasty tomatoes only.

So is there a way to have the wildcard exclude the word VEGPOD ?  Something like ...

File path     C:\Users\Radio\Music\Podcasts\Vegpod\[VEGPOD]*.mp3    ?

I have tried using another method that moves VEGPOD.mp3 to it's own foder (which therefore excludes it from the File path C:\Users\Radio\Music\Podcasts\Vegpod\*.mp3. The problem is that when the Trigger runs (on the timer) and no new file has arrived, it deletes VEGPOD.mp3 meaning no file to play. This was the reason for my enquiry last week re the file created Trigger - it would only run when a new file was there to run on.

A long winded explanation.

Any way of getting this to work ?


Paule, thanks for the feedback. I'm just in the middle of a bigger release, however, I'll think about this tomorrow and see how to best solve the problem.

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