How to automate import Excel data to Access

As a simple example we'll import a fixed range from an Excel file to an Access database.

1. In the main window click the '+' button:
2. In the new task window click the '+' button under the 'Actions' tab:
3. In the new action window click the top dropdown and select 'Transfer Excel data to Access' under 'Access operations':
4. Enter the Excel workbook name, the sheet name and the range, the Access database path and finally the target table name.

Make sure that headers are not inlcuded in the Excel range. Named ranges are also supported.
5. Once returned to the new task window click the 'Add task' / 'Update task' button
6. To run the transfer click the '►' button.
6. The data is now in Access.

And that's it!

For more advanced tasks and automatic (time or event based) scheduling please see other sections of the how-to guide.

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