Automate your first task

As an example on how to automate a repetitive task with RoboIntern we'll set up the zipping of a folder.

1. In the main window click the '+' button:
2. In the new task window click the '+' button under the 'Actions' tab:
3. In the new action window click the top dropdown and select 'Zip file / folder':
4. Enter an example folder path to be zipped, the path where the new zip should be created and the click the 'Add action button'
5. Once returned to the new task window click the 'Add task' / 'Update task' button
6. To run the zipping on demand click the '►' button.

Congratulations, You have automated your first task!

For more advanced tasks and automatic (time or event based) scheduling please see other sections of the how-to guide.

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