RoboIntern 1.24

Released 2020-05-15

- updated the run as service component to be fully independent of the UI and made internal improvements to it

RoboIntern 1.234

Released 2020-05-10

- hotfix for issue that caused the app to crash on startup when the Windows decimal symbol was not set to point

RoboIntern 1.233

Released 2020-05-09

- added a new action that allows direct file transfers between FTP servers

RoboIntern 1.232

Released 2020-05-02

- added the option to expire a task's scheduling after a defined date
- added the option to activate a task's scheduling after a defined date
- internal improvements to trigger framework

RoboIntern 1.23

Released 2020-04-28

- added triggers that fire when the computer is unlocked or locked, or wakes up from sleep mode
- added an option to tasks that allows to delay running actions after a trigger has fired
- fixed a bug due to which the application crashed when using incorrect dynamic formulas
- folder selection dialogs have been replaced with a more easy-to-use UI


RoboIntern 1.22

Released 2020-04-18

- added the option to keep scheduling on for a task in case an error occurs in any of its actions
- added new actions for deleting & transferring SFTP files
- added wildcard support for SFTP and FTP operations
- in certain actions it's no longer required to define a target file name, target folder is enough
- fixed a minor bug in high frequency time trigger that occured when selecting runs on all days of the week
- added the option to disable app update notifications

RoboIntern 1.213

Released 2020-04-05

- updated main UI such that next run times are only shown for tasks that are actually scheduled to run
- fixed a bug that occured when adding an SFTP download task
- minor internal improvements

RoboIntern 1.212

Released 2020-03-25

- fixed a bug that occured when using dynamic formulas in file based triggers

RoboIntern 1.211

Released 2020-03-16

- fixed a bug in the action and trigger designer windows that resulted in file dialogs not working
- fixed a bug in the run once on time trigger

RoboIntern 1.21

Released 2020-03-15

- updated the action and trigger designer windows to a more intuitive UI

RoboIntern 1.20

Released 2020-03-07

- added the option to merge tasks together
- added the option to delete and clone multiple tasks
- added the option to search the action list by typing keywords
- fixed a bug in the file delete task
- fixed a bug in running specific actions on demand in the expanded view of a task in the main table
- improved the UI of the expanded view of a task in the main table

RoboIntern 1.19

Released 2020-02-29

- added wildcard support for copying, moving, deleting and renaming files
- added wildcard support for renaming folders
- fixed a bug that occured when trying to run programs with very short execution times
- fixed a critical bug that caused in-app updates to not go through

RoboIntern 1.18

Released 2020-01-10

- for the high frequency time trigger added options to restrict the days and hours on which the the trigger should fire


RoboIntern 1.17

Released 2020-10-04

- added the option to reorder tasks
- improved main UI responsiveness
- other minor UI polishes

RoboIntern 1.16

Released 2020-08-15

- added advanced options for copying and moving folders (file filtering, subfolders)
- fixed a bug in defining custom app folder config paths
- minor UI polishes

RoboIntern 1.15

Released 2020-07-19

- added the option to run the actions of a task in parallel
- added support for printing documents
- added support for file encrytions (OpenPGP)
- added support for SFTP
- revamped FTP action configurations
- internal fixes and polishes to running the app as service
- minor UI polishes

RoboIntern 1.12

Released 2020-05-09

- Fixed a bug that occured when trying to reset a task with multiple triggers


RoboIntern 1.11

Released 2020-05-02

- Computer startup triggers now have the option to include waking up from hibernation
- Fixed a bug that effected starting up RoboIntern with service run defined but no service installed

RoboIntern 1.1

Released 2020-04-28

- Added the option to run RoboIntern as a service (beta)

RoboIntern 1.072

Released 2020-04-25

- For the run program and script (all) actions added the option to wait until execution is finished
- For the Excel copy-paste action added the option to paste to first available blank row within the target range


RoboIntern 1.071

Released 2020-04-23

- Fixed a bug that occurred when editing existing triggers

RoboIntern 1.07

Released 2020-04-21

- Added triggers based on emails
- Added actions for saving emails and/or attachments
- Added action to restore task configs
- Added action for running Javascripts
- Added dynamic formula support for message popups
- Fixed minor dark theme formatting issues
- Fixed attachments being locked after sending SMTP emails

RoboIntern 1.051

Released 2020-04-10

- Added the option to delay triggers firing on computer startup


RoboIntern 1.05

Released 2020-04-05

- Added dark theme support
- Added Powershell support

RoboIntern 1.042

Released 2020-03-29

- Added the option to play sounds with notifications
- Fixed a bug that would cause the Windows startup prompt to show up everytime when starting RoboIntern

RoboIntern 1.04

Released 2020-03-28

- Added a new action that sends an email on the current status of active tasks
- Added a new action that allows to backup RoboIntern configurations

RoboIntern 1.024

Released 2019-12-01

- Improved main UI performance


RoboIntern 1.023

Released 2019-10-19

- Fixed a bug that could potentially cause the app to crash when adding or removing tasks

RoboIntern 1.022

Released 2019-09-21

- Added new action that allows to export Excel data to Access
- Internal improvements to tasks running VBScripts

RoboIntern 1.021

Released 2019-08-20

- Fixed a bug in time triggers set to occur once

RoboIntern 1.02

Released 2019-06-17

- Added threading so that running a task no longer blocks the app
- Added the option to rename tasks from the main UI
- Fixed a bug in triggers related to errors in other tasks

RoboIntern 1.018

Released 2019-06-12

- Separated 32 and 64bit versions for database driver (Access, Oracle, etc.) compatibility reasons

RoboIntern 1.017

Released 2019-06-09

- Added the option to edit email attachment configurations
- Added example tasks for easier first time use
- Fixed a bug with editing actions and triggers, whereby a cancelled edit would have reset the selected item

RoboIntern 1.016

Released 2019-05-29

- Fixed a bug with dynamic formulas in email attachments

RoboIntern 1.015

Released 2019-03-31

- Updated the UI of cards in the task menu
- Added a component to automatically check for and install updates

RoboIntern 1.0

Released 2019-02-25

- Initial release

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