RoboIntern 1.4

Released 2023-02-17

- added the option to record and playback keyboard and mouse movements / macros - added the option to download and upload folders with FTP - internal improvements and bug fixes

RoboIntern 1.31

Released 2022-07-15

- internal improvements to the RoboIntern Service installer
- added the ability to generate random numbers with dynamic formulas
- hotfix for a bug introduced in version 1.3

RoboIntern 1.29

Released 2022-06-09

- added the ability to define dynamic variables for tasks
- bug fixes in the 'run as service' functionality
- other minor enhancements and bug fixes

RoboIntern 1.26

Released 2022-04-24

- added the option to add descriptions to actions
- added the option to disable individual actions
- minor bug fixes

RoboIntern 1.25

Released 2021-06-15

- fixed a critical bug that caused actions with dynamic formulas to crash the app

RoboIntern 1.23

Released 2021-04-28

- added triggers that fire when the computer is unlocked or locked, or wakes up from sleep mode
- added an option to tasks that allows to delay running actions after a trigger has fired
- fixed a bug due to which the application crashed when using incorrect dynamic formulas
- folder selection dialogs have been replaced with a more easy-to-use UI


RoboIntern 1.18

Released 2021-01-10

- for the high frequency time trigger added options to restrict the days and hours on which the the trigger should fire


RoboIntern 1.12

Released 2020-05-09

- Fixed a bug that occured when trying to reset a task with multiple triggers


RoboIntern 1.072

Released 2020-04-25

- For the run program and script (all) actions added the option to wait until execution is finished
- For the Excel copy-paste action added the option to paste to first available blank row within the target range


RoboIntern 1.051

Released 2020-04-10

- Added the option to delay triggers firing on computer startup


RoboIntern 1.0

Released 2019-02-25

- Initial release

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