RoboIntern 1.022

Released 2019-09-21

- Added new action that allows to export Excel data to Access
- Internal improvements to tasks running VBScripts

RoboIntern 1.021

Released 2019-08-20

- Fixed a bug in time triggers set to occur once

RoboIntern 1.02

Released 2019-06-17

- Added threading so that running a task no longer blocks the app
- Added the option to rename tasks from the main UI
- Fixed a bug in triggers related to errors in other tasks

RoboIntern 1.018

Released 2019-06-12

- Separated 32 and 64bit versions for database driver (Access, Oracle, etc.) compatibility reasons

RoboIntern 1.017

Released 2019-06-09

- Added the option to edit email attachment configurations
- Added example tasks for easier first time use
- Fixed a bug with editing actions and triggers, whereby a cancelled edit would have reset the selected item

RoboIntern 1.016

Released 2019-05-29

- Fixed a bug with dynamic formulas in email attachments

RoboIntern 1.015

Released 2019-03-31

- Updated the UI of cards in the task menu
- Added a component to automatically check for and install updates

RoboIntern 1.0

Released 2019-02-25

- Initial release

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