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EDIT: 9-10-20 Disappearing Tasks was FIXED by installing an Updated Ver of Robointern. I NOW have 10 Tasks vs the previous LIMIT of 8.
Triggers for .xlsx File Changes seem to be much better Vs having to manually Run, which is Still OK.
Looking for Donate box and will when I can find it. Great App I'm still learning (ie) Dual Functions on same Task..
This should show (currently) 9 tasks I setup and in a day or two Task #9 -- will Disappear. I have created 3-Income (#9) MULTI-TIMES.
IS there a Task Limit or some explanation/ trick to keeping All Tasks?
8 tasks seem to stay OK, just After #8 that they disappear.

BTW, Some Tasks don't work automatically but I do a Manual RUN and THAT is helpful anyway.

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