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Re-Number Tasks Positions
Would be great to Re-align the Positions of Tasks. A New Task #10 may be in the same subject category as # 2-4, so you'd like #10 to move to Position 5.
W10-64 Pro v1909 WU Current / 2016 Hm-Stdnt Office C2R
Hi Craig,

Thanks for the feedback and apols for the late reply, I was on holidays.

I'm not sure which version of RoboIntern you're using, but in the latest it's possible to do that with the button arrows pointing up and down in the line of given task. Let me if this worked.

Take care,
The up/down arrows seem like a bit of a hack solution. Don't get me wrong, they certainly work, but I doubt most users would expect to do it that way. My gut instinct was to click on the number field of a row and drag the row up/down to where I wanted it and then releasing the mouse.

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