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New File - Copy Task Logic
Trying to get RI to Copy a -- New backup File -- to Target whenever one is added to the Main Folder.
New File names vary per they have Year & That Day's Date & Time of Day incorporated..... Mozilla Firefox 2022 March 14 - 14.30.backup.

My logic: when a File is created in the Hekasoft Bkups Folder, Copy D:\ Folder to Same Name S:\ Folder;
If File exists (in target) Do Nothing Vs Overwrite (assuming Do Nothing means you Just Add the New File Created, you can leave existing files in Target alone)

In Trigger / File Created IN ... when I get to (IN) Folder Path it won't allow (ie) When *.backup is Created Copy Folder.
I get the "Open" blank Path box that wants me to DEFINE the -- name of the Created File -- which is never the same name.

How is this done?

Imgur File Created in Main Folder - Open - File name Path Box below
W10-64 Pro 21H2 - WU Current / 2016 Hm-Stdnt Office C2R
Apparently you can't Edit your own Posts and Imgur Path Strings aren't allowed. The File name is current and works elsewhere, Not here.
Intended Attachment in this Reply.

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W10-64 Pro 21H2 - WU Current / 2016 Hm-Stdnt Office C2R

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