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Mail - SMTP Add authentication
Ciao Tom,
I've just checked with the new version, if I try to run the job on the second time RoboIntern continue to mantain the lock on the file
If you need I could also help to write part of the code if it is written in C#, please let me know if you need help on it
Hi Marco,

Hmm, I wonder are you attaching a file or something else? I've just tried on my side with an SMTP account and it didn't lock it, even after a second run.

Below is how I handle the file lock by the way:


                    foreach (Attachment attachment in message.Attachments)
Ah never mind, the issue was not disposing linked resources,

I've uploaded a new version, however, with the same version number - to update you can just delete version.txt from the RoboIntern config folder and restart the app.

Let me know if it worked!
Ciao Tom,
Nothing to but I think it's a problem of the server because it seems that it takes the lock randomly (anyway I'm using gmail for that server because I could not use smtp)
Thanks for your support, I'll wait for the service version in the future if you are planning to do it because when I disconnect from the server system will logout automatically

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