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Dynamic Sources
Hi, first of all this app has saved me so much time in the office. It's truly incredible and has so much potential. 

Through much heartache and misery I've managed to create an Excel document that creates file addresses that are generated from other document. What would be useful for me is if I could use the file addresses created in the cells as sources for actions.

Thanks in advance.
Hi Flynt,

Very glad to hear you find the app the useful, and also thanks for the feedback!

Regarding using cells as input params for other tasks, that's something I would need to think about on how to implement best. The problem is that the app is currently designed around independent actions: if we say that the output of one action goes into the input of another, that would be a more structural change. I'll look into this, but can't promise anything in the near term as I already have a long list to catch up on.

Have a nice day,

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