Automate a task with multiple steps

As an example on how to schedule a repetitive task with RoboIntern we'll set up a task to run every day at a certain time.

1. Set up a task as described in the first part of the how-to section Automate your first task
2. In the main window click the 'Edit task' button on the relevant line:
3. In new task window click the '+' button on the 'Actions' tab:
4. Select the 'Copy / move / delete file' action from the dropdown, fill out the relevant fields and then click the 'Add action' button':
5. The action will now show up as a new card. Click the 'Update task' button to confirm changes:
6. The line of the task will now show 'Multiple actions' under the 'Actions' columns. To execute the zipping and the subsequent copying click the '►' button.
7. To see the details of the task click the dropdown button on the relevant line.

And that's it!

For more advanced tasks please see other sections of the how-to guide.

Happy automation!

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