Generate an email with plain text

This section will show how to automate the creation of an email with a simple text.

0. Before starting set up your email account as described in the tutorial on the right. If you use MS Outlook, you can proceed immediately. Set up a email account
1. In the main window click the '+' button:
2. In the new task window click the '+' button under the 'Actions' tab:
3. In the new action window click the top dropdown and select 'Send email with plain text':
4. Fill out the details of the email. Then click the 'Add action' button at the bottom of the form:
5. At the new task window click the 'Add task' button:
6. To create the email on demand click the '►' button.
7. The email is now created:

And that's it!

For more advanced tasks and automatic (time or event based) scheduling please see other sections of the how-to guide.

Happy automation!

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