Schedule a task to run on time

As an example on how to schedule a repetitive task with RoboIntern we'll set up a task to run every day at a certain time.

1. Set up a task as described in the first part of the how-to section Automate your first task
2. In the main window click the 'Edit task' button on the relevant line:
3. In the edit task window click the 'Triggers' tab and then the 'Edit trigger' button of the card:
4. In the edit trigger window click the top dropdown and then select the 'On time' trigger
5. Select the 'Daily' recurrence, enter the time to run the task and then click the 'Update trigger' button
6. Once returned to the new task window click the 'Add task' / 'Update task' button.
7. For scheduling to work click the 'Start scheduling' button in the main window.
8. At the pop-up window confirm to activate scheduling.
9. Once scheduling is active the button in the main window will turn red.

RoboIntern will now execute the task at the configured time. To always start scheduling enable it under 'File'->'Settings'

For more advanced tasks please see other sections of the how-to guide.

Happy automation!

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